Upcycling for Life

Hello! I have loved candles as long as I can remember. Not finding a lot of scents that I loved, I started making soy candles for myself in 2012. All my friends and coworkers wanted to buy them so voila, my business was started! I use non GMO US Soy wax and cotton self trimming wicks, no nasty stuff! I also love vintage items and am glad I can give them a second chance. I am guilty of buying a bottle just for the cool label. I am glad that I can repurpose a bottle for someone else to enjoy. There's really so much awesome artwork that goes into labels these days, I'm glad I can showcase that.

Lavender Eucalyptus
Lemon Eucalyptus
Gypsy Spirit
Seaside Holiday
Smoky Embers
Fruity Bergamot
Amber & Carmel
Musky Neroli w Lime
Indian Sandalwood
Sweet Basil Bergamot
Hazelnut Coffee
Nag Champa

Thanks for checking out my shop! 

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