Artsy fartsy and a bit metal

Ours is a love story really... I love my husband, and he loves beer. His ideal day would involve bacon, a vintage Harley, and a craft beer fest. My ideal day would include creating, puppies, you get the picture. So I decided to make the most of our strong points. That's how our unique line of products was created. These bottles and cans have been obsessively hoarded for years by Jason. Now he listens to metal and cuts the top off of them so I can upcycle them into candle containers. 
Colors and Fragrances:

Orange-  Fruity Bergamot
Blue- Amber & Carmel
Teal-  Musky Neroli w Lime
Yellow-  Herbal Citrus
Lt Brown- Indian Sandalwood
Green- Sweet Basil Bergamot
Dk Brown- Hazelnut Coffee
Pink- Grapefruit
Purple- Patchouli
Grey- Leather
Burgundy- Nag Champa
White-  Naked/Unscented

I am now expanding and creating constantly. Jason has been a huge help every step of the way. We live in Chicago and have items featured in a local boutiques, breweries and a record store. 

Thanks for checking out our shop! 
Simone & Jay

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